Decrease Your Water Bill


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American household uses about 50 percent of outdoor usage. Switching to synthetic grass can not only save an astounding amount of water per year, it also helps in the reduction of fossil fuels!

Our high quality turf looks and feels just like real grass. With the benefits of saving water, time, and money, it only makes sense to make the switch! Don’t let the expense of real grass become a burden on your days and pocketbook. Synthetic grass is used for landscapes, yards, pet runs, golf fringe, commercial property, playgrounds and so much more!

All of our synthetic grass products are non-toxic and lead-free, which creates a safe environment for your kids and pets to play on. No more ugly brown spots on your lawn, harsh chemicals and unhealthy pesticides to maintain that evergreen look! UV resistant polyethylene blades insures that the color of your turf won’t fade. Our 15 year warranty guarantees TigerTurf synthetic grass to look perfectly plush without the water for years to come!